Brochure & Pamphlet Designing

Marketing Services

Brochure Designing:

      Brochures designing for a business.product or service is very important.Before design a brochure we should know the purpose.We have mentioned few points about brochures.

Brochures contains the detailed information about the product or service

Attractiveness of the brochure will be more helpful in marketing.

Brochures are more useful to get more customers

Brochures will reach the customers easily.

Brochure will give the knowledge about the product/service.

Brochures will fit into your budget.

Brochures will help you for increased promotion, more customers, and more prospects.

To get benefit from brochure, add all the necessary information and the message should impress the people.

Pamphlet Designing:

         A Pamhlet is a single sheet of paper,an unbound booklet, printed on single side or both side.Pamphlet is widely used to popularize political or religious ideas or business needs.

Know the exact purpose/ need of the pamphlet.

Target a specific category of people(like students, patients, religion etc) , ie  where it should reach / who should receive the message.

Decide the dimension/size of the pamphlet.

Compose your message

Select  the images.

Take a sample print and make corrections if necessary.

Pamphlet Distribution Methods:

Directly gives the Pamphlet to the People.

Send the Pamphlet by E-Mail.

Leave the Pamphlets at Lobbies and Public areas to pick up.

Distribute the Pamphlet with the Newspaper or Magazines.