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Hosting is a service that helps individuals and businesses to make their websites readily available for use. It can also be defined as space provided on the internet so that website can reside there and readily viewed by number of online visitors. An online business person either has to purchase dedicated server for hosting his website or he needs to find a reliable hosting company who can guarantee his website to remain on the internet round the clock with 99 % to 100% uptime.

Different types of hosting:

We offer different kinds of hosting services such as Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Cloud Hosting and other customized web hosting solutions depending on the requirements of your website.

Some of the Web Hosting Services we offer are mentioned below:

Dedicated hosting service

In dedicated hosting, entire server is dedicated to one client i.e. not shared with anyone else. By choosing this kind of hosting service, customer has complete control over the server. For instance, he is free to choose his operating system, install his hardware, software, etc. This kind of hosting is usually preferred by large organizations to save their large amount of data.

Shared hosting

Shared hosting is a service in which several sites get hosted on the same server. This kind of hosting is mostly availed by those people who have small website. It is very cost- effective option as cost of hosting a website divides between various website owners.

Virtual private server (VPS) hosting

In VPS hosting, virtualization technology is used to run several servers on the same physical server. In this kind of hosting, a server is partitioned into many servers and each server is competent to run its own machine. Less expensive than dedicated hosting, the customers avail VPS hosting for installing several programs and running them successfully on their websites.

Cloud hosting

It makes use of cloud computing technology for allowing unlimited number of machines to act as one system. Hosting solutions like shared or dedicated usually depend on one machine. On the other hand, the security of cloud hosting is guaranteed by several servers. The “cloud” refers to a network of servers used for meeting the demand.

Perplexed about which hosting to choose for your business? Web Design team can help you by assisting on the same.

We offer customized hosting plan

Selecting right hosting plan for your business is a tedious task due to presence of wide range of hosting services. Being acting as the leading web designing company, we have been consistently working to offer highly reliable, cost-effective and tailor made hosting plans to our worldwide customers at affordable prices. We feel pride in claiming ourself as a leading web hosting consultants in India who comprehend the client’s requirement well and offer them customized solutions, suiting their business requirements and scale of their websites.

What sets us apart from our competitors

Many companies claim to offer tailor-made hosting plans, very few actually meet the expectations. But when you knock at the doors of RK Designs, rest assured of paying what you actually received from us. We ensure to host your website on highly secure and reliable data centres. Moreover, our technical support staff will support you 24*7 and resolve all your queries within certain frame. So, call us and trust us as your reliable web hosting solution expert!