Library Manager


  • The Library Management System is designed & developed for a receipt and issuance of books in the library along with the student’s details.

  • The books received in the library are entered in Books Entry form and the new student is entered in the student entry form.

  • When the student wants to get the desired book the same is issued on the availability basis to the student.

  • The issuance and due date for the returning of the book is also entered into the Book Issue form under third menu Book Issue. 

  • The student has to pay the fine if any on the basis of no. of days delayed deposit of the book in the library. . Library Automation applications provide integration of self-service kiosks and online web portal access for catalog search, content delivery or reservation requests and patron check-out history.

  • They also track and manage notification of overdue books and fines. This system can manage all the happenings of the Library. 

  • Book transactions including Book Registration, Students Registration, Book Issuing, Current Status of a particular books etc. can be very easily handled by this module. 

  • Overall this system can be very helpful and it can make things easier. 

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